As I type, a mere 10 days away from Fall, & less than a week away from moving to our new house.  I moved here 9 months pregnant.  Two & a half years later, this is the only home H has ever known.  I bustle him in the stroller & take in all of the small joys (a swarm of parks, sunny streets, farmers market in our backyard, & other mamas & dads with their own sweet babes in strollers) of our neighborhood, letting the goodness of this place soak into remembrance.

Walk Mama!  H says.  We walk on foot, in the stroller, or in a new wagon my step-dad purchased recently.

He is saying a lot of things these days.  2 & a half is my new favorite age.  He’s still in full tantrum mode, but he’s so darn interactive these days.  He parrots everything we say.  He surprises me with his reactions to things.

We purchased a strange mechanical dinosaur at a garage sale.

What do you want to name it? 

Cracker, he instantly responded.  He changed it to Cracker Blue later, a homage to his love of crackers & the color blue.  Of course.



Our home has vacant gaps.  Stuff put on Craigslist or sold at our own yard sale have left us forever.

Wook, Mama!  He cries, pointing at the large bald piece of wood floor where the dining room set used to stand (‘Wook’ if you haven’t guessed is ‘look’).

He doesn’t get it & it freaks him out, but only slightly.  He’s still happy.  He still plays, eats, snuggles, & naps just like always.

He is scared of bees & flies, but wants to hold lady bugs & rollie pollies in his hands.  He spends long stretches of time with his diggers, trucks, & cars, moving dirt & gravel around.

He’s started to pretend & play act which for some reason really melts my heart.

Papa fall!  No, Papa, no fall!  He says at the kitchen counter the salt shaker taking papa’s place for the time being in his intricate little mind.




He will lightly rest his hand on my cheek at bedtime right before he falls asleep.


Yea, sweet pea?

No answer, he just wants to know I’m there I guess.

So we say bye to this place at the end of the week, a lovely new family is moving in, I know they will love it as much as I did.

In yoga news, I’ve been teaching the Niyamas & they are kicking my booty.  Two weeks ago, Santosha/Contentment something I always need more of.  Putting forth my best effort & then being in ACCEPTANCE of the result.

Last week, Saucha/Purity which really threw me for a loop.  I probably shouldn’t have made goals to drop sugar, Netflix, & Facebook in order to strive for the pure the week while we were packing & getting ready  for a yard sale.  I relapsed on all those which bummed me out at first, but then I had a revelation during class:  We are all born pure.  We have this unique to ourselves pure energy.  We do have to guard it, what we put inside ourselves & who we associate with.  These ideas helped me get out of the legalistic place I had put myself in.  It’s easy to get all religious with the Niyamas.  I would rather get all spiritual with them.  I wonder if my students think I’ve lost my mind since I usually have just taught on alignment or to specific parts of the body for one class.

I heard a stand up comedian say on NPR that you have to risk trying out new material & bombing it.  That’s where the real gold comes forth.  So we’ll see.

Send us good vibes if you think of it as we make this transition.

Vibes of contentment, purity, & bravery to all of you.