This is a weird post for me because I have some great pictures of H & I’s last trip to WA & ID, but then I was looking for a photo for my mom, an old photo, & all these other pictures were on the same disk & I had been thinking lately about this place:


My huge room.  It also had an attached huge bathroom.  Blurry pic, but not sure if I have any other ones.  My room mate gave me & installed that chandelier.

It was the best place I have ever lived.  It was on the corner of 4th street & Redondo, above an old Italian restaurant & a new trendy barbershop.  My room mate & I would walk the dog, peeking into the barbershop windows at the cute barbers & their customers.

The street was quite busy & loud & we were also very close to the local fire department.  It was Long Beach after all so the fire truck blaring down the street was an almost daily occasion.  The apartment had double paned windows so it was eerily quiet (despite fire truck) even though so much action was going on below.

So why was I thinking about this place?  I was so happy here & I also remember how much effing leisure time I had.  I used to take 3 hour baths.  Now I’m lucky if I can squeeze in a 10 minute shower.


I had this exact wall cork board configuration at my apartment, took a picture so someday I can recreate. 



7th & Redondo, after Blockbuster & before pet store.  Not sure what’s there now!








My regal Misfit in a rare moment of repose.



Myself & an old bf?

And my three cats above, Hendrix, Betsy (brother & sister), & later came Misfit.  Why, oh why 3 cats you ask?  Well, there was a huge feral cat population on the waterfront where I worked & a pregnant calico found me one day out in the smoke break area.  I took her home & she had 4 babies.  I partnered with a place to adopt them out & after those 5 cats were gone my apartment felt a bit empty.  I know, you’re thinking crazy cat lady.

It’s true, I was.  I had to find homes for those little loves when I made the decision to move up to OR with my parents.  And not too long ago my Hendrix passed away.  His owner fed him delicacies in his decline & buried him at a relative’s farm.

I’m perhaps so retrospective because we are going to move again.  More space, a bigger back yard for H, it will be a good thing.  Not surprisingly I feel sad, I am attached to this place & our little community.  H was a newborn here.  He crawled & walked here.  I have other mama friends.

So I’ll process it slowly & probably get attached to the new place soon too, that is how it goes.

Sending love & light to all of you & the world today.